What motivates you? No, really, what motivates you? Think about it for about 10 seconds and we’ll go back to it.

As a creative, we go through different phases or moods that is reflective on our work. For some, it’s having access or means to create new ideas. For others, it’s being pushed by people/clients to do things. Every creative is unique, and that’s a great thing for our craft(s). Us creative types are moody.

So, back to the question I asked: What motivates you? Are you someone that finds yourself in a rut more often than not? Do you feel that you are fully capable of creating any time you want? I am somewhere in between. I wouldn’t say that I’m a procrastinator, but I often find myself WANTING to create, but make up excuses why I can’t: I have kids, I don’t have time, there’s nothing left for me to photograph in my town, etc.  These are all just excuses.

I tend to make a lot of excuses when I’m in a rut. I think it’s because I’m feeling down that I’m not creating. The second I create again, I’m motivated. Go figure, right?

Recently, I was in a rut, er, technically still AM in a rut, but did something today that will change that. I went out to create. That’s right, I decided to adopt the age-old adage, “Always Be Closing” (if you haven’t seen Glengarry Glen Ross, you are missing out) and alter it slightly to be my new mantra, Always Be Creating. There are absolutely NO excuses as to why I can’t create daily.

Today was a rainy day here in town. I was missing the process of photographing – from start to finish. The concept to the final shot. I could have made any excuse in the book – it’s raining out, my daughter doesn’t have school this week, it’s cold, it’s windy, bla bla bla. I sucked it up, gathered my gear and 6 y/o daughter, and went out to create.

After today’s shoot, I feel motivated again and will be going out to shoot every day this week. Here’s the end result of my new found motivation:

Incoming Storm – Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, California

Please leave me a comment and let me know what motivates you.

Always Be Creating.