It’s been about 2 years in the making now.  Hundreds of requests.  Countless hours of refining and getting my post-processing just right.  And now I’m going to make it simple for you to get my post-processing looks with a single click with my 2 Adobe Lightroom preset packs – one for landscapes & nature and the other for street photography.

“The Streets” volume 1 | street photography pack

This pack features 5 premium presets to easily style your street photography with a single click.  Explore the urban and crunchy looks you can get with these 5 presets.

The Streets LR Presets


Sample images (click for larger view)


“Discovery” volume 1 | Landscape & Nature pack

This pack features 10 premium landscape & nature presets that will really add some punch to your photography.  This pack is optimized for landscape & nature photos, but nothing is stopping your creativity to apply them to other photos.

Discovery LR Presets


Sample images (click for larger view)

I have a bunch more presets I’m working on and those will be made available as soon as I feel they are done.