Since ditching my DSLR, I’ve quickly adapted to the beautiful world of mirrorless.  I’m traveling lighter, getting phenomenal image quality, and have an arsenal of some of the best glass I’ve ever used.  Now that I’m set with my X-T1, I added a few accessories that make my experience even better.

Long Eyecup
I recently upgraded my eyecup to the Fujifilm X-T1 Long Eyecup EC-XT L, which shields the light making the viewfinder easier to see.  I highly suggest upgrading if you shoot outdoors often or shoot with glasses on.  It simply snaps on and provides you a more comfortable experience when looking through the viewfinder.  It’s well worth the $15 USD.

Fujifilm X-T1 long eyecup

Wrist Strap
I have never used a wrist strap for any camera I’ve ever owned until recently.  My friend (whom actually makes these straps), gave me one of his STRAP THAT CAM camera straps to test out and I fell in love with it!  This strap is super simple, made from strong beautiful soft leather, comfortable, and comes in an assortment of colors.  I also love the fact that it has a little leather piece that protects the camera from potentially being scratched by the loop.  This hand strap makes a world of difference if you are just walking around with your camera shooting street photography or other situations where you need to be ready to shoot instantly.  It also gives me a piece of mind that I won’t drop it.

Update: I have been getting many many inquiries about where to buy this strap.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please send me an email and I will put you in touch with my friend until his online web ordering is in place.

hand strap

BlackRapid Camera Strap
I’ve had the BlackRapid Snapr 35 camera strap since I got my first Fuji.  This strap is super lightweight, strong, comfortable, and easily slings your camera so that you can quickly raise it and shoot.  I suggest ditching the little bag that it comes with and just use the strap.


Large Metal Hand Grip
The Fujifilm MHG-XT Large Metal Hand Grip has been one of my favorite accessories that I have bought.  I don’t necessarily have large hands, however, I just love the way my camera feels in my hand with this grip.  Another plus with this grip is that it is arca swiss mount compatible and has an open access for the battery port without removing it.

Hand Grip

Fstop Millar Bandon Camera Bag
I recently picked up the Fstop Millar Bandon camera bag on a promotion that Fstop had recently.  It was 50% off, and this has come to be my favorite camera bag that I own.  This bag is super light, fits everything I need, small, and looks fantastic.  This is my go-to bag now for street photography, quick light travel, and a carry everywhere bag.

Check out this post here if you’d like to see what I pack in this bag for light travel and shoots.

Fstop Millar Bandon camera bag

Fstop Loka Camera Bag
I’ve owned the Fstop Loka camera bag for a few years now.  I’ve used this bag when I had my heavy DSLR setup, and now with my Fuji mirrorless setup.  This bag is super durable, great looking, and so so comfortable.  I also love their ICU system that allows for quick change-outs.  I primarily use this bag for longer travel when I need to pack a bunch of equipment and I can carry it on the plane.  Fstop Gear is such a great company.  Their warranties and customer service is fantastic.  I will never buy another brand of camera bags.

Fstop Gear Loka