So far, 2013 has been a crazy busy year for me.  I moved up to the Bay Area in California from Los Angeles.  Became a co-founder for a new content marketing company that is going to disrupt the premium video content business.  And somewhere between life and work, I have tried to find time to shoot.  I’m really dropping the ball on that last part.

The last real shoot I did was to photograph the new offices for LA-based digital and social marketing agency, Social Envi.  The photos were used to highlight their new digs for a company called Office Snapshots.

The shoot was pretty straight forward.  I had to capture the unique interior and furniture design that was done by LA’s MFEO, which is an awesome company that specializes in repurposing materials to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Here are the shots and a link to the article:


Outside of this photo shoot, I have started planning my official transition to portrait work.  I’ve been studying lighting techniques, doing test shoots, and now am getting ready to seriously recruit models to shoot for my new upcoming portfolio.  In order to get the new portrait portfolio up, I need to shoot about 15 people and play around with a few post-processing techniques that will give me the desired look of those portraits.

Oh yeah, I also successfully upgraded my website to a new platform that is a LOT easier to manage.  I’m excited to have this clean slate to start with once I’m able to rebuild my portrait portfolio.

I do have a few commercial/portrait shoots coming up that I’m excited about.  I’m hoping that they will be good portfolio material.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots I’ve taken in the last few months.